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Gwangju Building Collapse Onsite Inspection conducted 79 days after the accident, trial officialized

참사 79 만에 광주 붕괴 참사 현장검증재판 본격화(종합)

Gwangju Building Collapse Onsite Inspection conducted 79 days after the accident, trial officialized



Gwangju's demolition building collapse which resulted in 17 dead or injured had its onsite inspection by the court.


This was on the 27th that the onsite inspection, attended by the bereaved family and the press, was conducted in the Hakdong(학동) 4th District.


Several arrested defendants including the demolition subcontracted business onsite manager attended the onsite inspection as well.


During the onsite inspection, which was held 79 days after the accident, the defendants answered questions by the prosecutors and lawyers around the accident site.

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