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YeoSun(여순) Incident local victims supporting, 2nd Civic Promoting Committee launched

여순사건 지역민희생자 지원 시민추진위원회 제2기 출범

YeoSun(여순) Incident local victims supporting, 2nd Civic Promoting Committee launched


The Civic Promoting Committee responsible for the Yeosu(여수) Suncheon(순천) Oct. 19th Incident's Local Victim Supporting Project has been launched.


This is to promote after-projects following the legislation of the YeoSun(여순) Incident Special Law.


According to Yeosu(여수) City on the 3rd, the 2nd Civic Promoting Committee held a launching ceremony yesterday at city hall with Yeosu(여수) City Mayor Kwon OhBong(권오봉) participating.


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