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Gwangju Next Year's Living Wage Hourly pay at 10,920 won, 3.8% increase

광주 내년 생활임금 시급 1920원…3.8% 인상

Gwangju Next Year's Living Wage Hourly pay at 10,920 won, 3.8% increase


Gwangju City announced on the 7th that it decided to set next year's Living Wage Hourly Pay at 10,920 won.


Compared to this year's 10,520 won, this is 400 won or 3.8% increase.


The City explained that such an amount was decided considering 3-member household standardized minimum livelihood funds as well as local household expenditures and the price level.


The Living Wage is a supporting wage for public field's laborers' living stability as well as education, culture, and residence.

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