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Collapsed Building Citizens Countermeasures Committee to launch on the 8th

철거건물 붕괴참사 시민대책위 8일 출범

Collapsed Building Citizens Countermeasures Committee to launch on the 8th


The Citizens Countermeasures Committee’s requested truth investigation and the punishment of those responsible for the Gwangju Demolition Building Collapse will be launched. 


Therefore, the 'Hakdong(학동) Accident Citizens Countermeasures Committee' will hold a launching press conference on the 8th at 11am.


The conference will be in front of Gwangju City Hall, joined by Gwangju Citizens Organizations Association, Gwangju Progressive Coalition, Justice Party, Progress Party and others.


The Committee explained the launching background that “Though 3 months passed since the accident, there are concerns that the investigation and punishment of the responsible will be merely a formality."


They furthered with, "The responsible party for the accident, Hyundai(현대) Industrial Development, is mocking the bereaved family members by offering money without sincere apologies."

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