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Mt. Mudeung(무등) area's 4 Catchment Basin water source protection zone lifting promoted in 40 years

무등산 자락 4수원지 상수원 보호구역 40년 만에 해제 추진

Mt. Mudeung(무등) area's 4 Catchment Basin water source protection zone lifting promoted in 40 years



The lifting of the water source protection zone for Gwangju’s Mt. Mudeung(무등)'s 4 water Catchment Basins is approaching , with concerns for urban or development sprawl.


Accordion to the City on the 7th, the City and Bukgu(북구) district are promoting administrative processes to exempt some 9.7km2 of land in the 4 Catchment Basin area from the Water Source Protection Zone.


The City explained that this follows the decision to close the GakHwa(각화) Water Purification Plant in May as the catchment basin is no longer needed.


If the 4 Catchment Basin are exempted from the protection zone, there will be a route open to use some 5.7km2 of private land.


Therefore, concerns are raised regarding development sprawl in the area considering its beautiful natural scenery.

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