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Gwangju Gwangsangu(광산구) promoting Comprehensive Countermeasures for COVID19 preventative measures during Chuseok(추석) holidays

광주 광산구추석 명절 코로나19 방역 종합대책 추진

Gwangju Gwangsangu(광산구) promoting Comprehensive Countermeasures for COVID19 preventative measures during Chuseok(추석) holidays


Gwangju’s Gwangsangu(광산구)  district revealed on the 9th that there are comprehensive countermeasures being promoted to prevent COVID19 transmission.


The countermeasures system was formed so that during the Chuseok(추석) holidays that there will be no breakdown in the preventative system.


Therefore, the Countermeasures Unit will have an Overall Response Team, an Epidemiology Investigation Team, and a Screening Clinic and Infectious Disease Response Support Team.


There will also be an inspection response team to prevent violations of self-quarantine measures.

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