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'Collapse Accident' contracting company, Hyundai(현대) Industrial Development personnel deny allegations at first trial

'붕괴 참사원청 현대산업개발 관계자들  재판서 혐의 부인

'Collapse Accident' contracting company, Hyundai(현대) Industrial Development personnel deny allegations at first trial


The relevant personnel from HDC Hyundai(현대) Industrial Development, the contracting company for the Gwangju Building Collapse, have denied the charges against them at their first trial appearance.


The first court date was held on the 10th at the Gwangju District Court in the Criminal 10th Division with Kim YongMin(김용민) as presiding judge.


The trial was for the HDC Onsite Manager, the Safety Manager, and the Public Affairs Manager who were charged with work-related involuntary manslaughter.


At the trial, the workers from HDC and their lawyers denied all allegations made by the prosecutors.

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