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Gwangju has 13 out of 21 new cases confirmed to be foreigner related, transmission continues

'외국인 관련 확진 지속'…광주 21  13

Gwangju has 13 out of 21 new cases confirmed to be foreigner related, transmission continues



Gwangju City is continuing to have foreigner-centered transmission even after the administrative order issued for businesses employing foreigners has expired.


According to the health authorities of Gwangju City yesterday, there were 13 foreigner related cases confirmed as of 6pm yesterday.


This is out of a total 21 new cases found yesterday, totaling 4,475 cases within the city so far.


Therefore, since the 16th last month, there were a total of 268 people confirmed to be infected with COVID19 who were foreigners, their work-colleagues, or their family members.


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