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Civic Org. "Japanese Mitsubishi (미쓰비시) asset seizure confirmation welcomed, apology and compensations"

시민단체 "日미쓰비시 자산압류 확정 환영사죄배상"

Civic Org. "Japanese Mitsubishi (미쓰비시) asset seizure confirmation welcomed, apology and compensations"


Civic Organizations welcomed the confirmation of the war criminal corporation, Mitsubishi(미쓰비시) Heavy Industries' having its domestic assets seized.


Since it was confirmed by the Supreme Court, civic organizations greeted the news and have urged for apology and compensation from Japan.


The Civic Organization Working with the Forced Labor Female Victims released such a statement on the 14th. There it was urged that "Mitsubishi(미쓰비시) Heavy Industries must commence immediate apology and compensations."

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