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Gwangju Citizens Society "Myanmar Military Govt. Citizens' Oppression Halt Urged"

광주시민사회 "미얀마 군부 시민 탄압 중단 촉구"

Gwangju Citizens Society "Myanmar Military Govt. Citizens' Oppression Halt Urged"


Gwangju Citizens' Society urged for an end to the Myanmar Military Government's oppression and massacre of civilians.


This was on the 15th, on the day of the World Democracy, that international society's cooperation was stressed as well.


Therefore, the May 18th Commemorative Foundation and International Democratic Coalition as well as 9 other Civic Society organizations released a joint statement on the 15th.


There it was said that "Myanmar Military Government must halt the massacre and oppression of its citizens. Also, arrested and imprisoned citizens must be released at once."

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