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Gwangju Global Motors, Light SUV CASPER mass production initiated

광주글로벌모터스경형 SUV 캐스퍼 양산체제 가동

Gwangju Global Motors, Light SUV CASPER mass production initiated


The country's first Labor and Management Win-Win Type Local Jobs, or the 'Gwangju Type Job' Gwangju Global Motors began mass production on the 15th.


As the 1st vehicle was produced on the 15th, official mass-production of the model "CASPER" began.


This is 2 years and 8 months after a Win-Win Agreement was signed between Gwangju region's labor, management, private investors, and government back in Jan. 2019.


Therefore, there was a commemoration event held at 10am at Gwangju Bitgreen(빛그린) Industrial Complex at the Gwangju Global Motors Factory.


Participating were some 40 people including Gwangju City Mayor Lee YongSeob(이용섭) and GGM's representative Chairperson Park GwangTae(박광태).

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