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'Gukak(국악), Jazz, Magic to be enjoyed at home', Gwangju Jeonnam with abundant Chuseok(추석) Cultural Performances

'국악·재즈·마술 안방서 감상' 광주·전남 추석 문화공연 풍성

'Gukak(국악), Jazz, Magic to be enjoyed at home', Gwangju Jeonnam with abundant Chuseok(추석) Cultural Performances 


To greet Chuseok(추석), the Gwangju and Jeonnam regions will have abundant cultural arts performances that can be enjoyed at home.


According to the Gwangju Cultural Foundation, there will be the '2021 Coming Fringe festival' on the 18th at 3pm.


This is at the May 18th Commemorative Cultural Center where traditional Lion-mask dances and pansori(판소리) as well as Jazz and fusion Gukak(국악) performances will be displayed.


There will also be jazz music, magic, and other performances.


The performances will be limited to 50 people onsite and will be broadcast real-time through Gwangju Culture Foundation TV.

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