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Women Professional Volleyball, new Gwangju AI Peppers team with the first home game on Oct. 19th

여자프로배구 신생 광주AI페퍼스, 1019일 첫 홈경기

Women Professional Volleyball, new Gwangju AI Peppers team with the first home game on Oct. 19th


The 2021 to 2022 Season V-League for Women's Professional Volleyball game schedules have been confirmed.


Also, Gwangju's new team, the Gwangju AI PEPPERS will have 18 home games out of a total of 36 games.


The team's wish to operate some of the home games in Gyeonggido(경기도) province was not accepted.


On the 19th next month at 7pm, the first game will be played between the Gwangju AI PEPPERS and KGC or Korea Ginseng Corporation.


This will be at Yeomju(염주) General Gymnasium, the home arena for the Gwangju team.


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