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Gwangju City advises to prohibit drinking and eating at parks and lawns at outside areas

광주시, 공원·잔디밭 등 야외공간 음주·취식 금지 권고

Gwangju City advises to prohibit drinking and eating at parks and lawns at outside areas



Gwangju City advised to prohibit drinking and eating at outside areas including parks.


This is an emergency preventative measure set with an average of some 35 daily cases during and after the Chuseok(추석) holiday period as well as infected patients from lawns and outdoor areas.


Therefore, on the 24th, Gwangju City advised 3 Practice Measures including prohibition of drinking and eating at outside spaces and reinforced regular testing for laborers at businesses employing foreigners.


Also, staying in clustered and closed areas for less than 1 hour at a time was advised as well.

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