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Jeonnam region with 74% of the recent 6 days cases 'made contact with other regions people'

전남지역 최근 엿새간 확진자 중 74% '타지역 접촉'

Jeonnam region with 74% of the recent 6 days cases 'made contact with other regions people'


The Jeonnam region is continuing with COVID19 transmission, especially among those who made contact with other regions' people.


According to the Province on the 24th, there were a total of 74 new patients confirmed to be infected between the 18th and 23rd, the Chuseok(추석) holiday period.


Among them, 55 or 74% were infected after making contact with other regions' residents.


Therefore, Jeonnam Province advised for its residents to undergo proactive diagnostic tests after visiting other regions or making contact with other regions' residents.

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