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"Foreigners Residence Tax delinquency of 960 million won last year, Jeonnam Collection Rate the lowest"

"외국인 주민세 체납 작년96천만원…전남 징수율 최저"

"Foreigners Residence Tax delinquency of 960 million won last year, Jeonnam Collection Rate the lowest"


It was discovered that more than a third of last year's Foreigners Residence Taxes were delinquent, totalling some 960 million won.


This is according to the National Assembly's audit records disclosed on the 26thby Lee HyungSeok(이형석), a member of Parliament representing Gwangju’s Bukgu(북구) Eul() Constituency.


The domestic foreigners' average individual residence tax payment rate was recorded at 56.5% for the last 5 years.


Last year's collection rate was at 64.1% to record slightly higher than the 5 years average. However, the delinquent taxes totaled some 966 million won.


Among 17 Metropolitan Cities and Provinces within the country, Incheon(인천) City recorded the highest tax-paying rate with 84% whereas Jeonnam region recorded the lowest rate with 52.1%.


Regarding such a phenomenon, Lee analyzed that the low tax-paying rate is due to the 'low awareness' by the tax-payers that 'they don't know' their obligation to pay.

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