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Agricultural area foreign laborers' 1st inoculation rate 63%, govt. reinforces disinfection measures

농가 외국인 근로자 1차접종률 63%정부, 접종률 제고-방역 강화


Agricultural area foreign laborers' 1st inoculation rate 63%, govt. reinforces disinfection measures


COVID19 transmission within the country is widening with foreigner patients increasing as well.



Therefore, the government decided to extend the vaccination inoculation range for foreigners residing within the country as well as to reinforce disinfection management.



The Central Disaster Safety Countermeasures Headquarters meeting held on the 29th reported and discussed disinfection management measures for foreign laborers.



There are 4,453 foreigner laborers in agricultural areas that completed their first round of vaccination, which is 63.0% of the total 18,633 foreign laborers at 8,472 agricultural farms.

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