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Gwangju Urban Railroad , NamGwangju(남광주) Station with most visits per day, 2nd line to Chipyeongdong(치펑동)

광주도시철도 남광주역 1일 유동량 최다…2호선은 치평동

Gwangju Urban Railroad , NamGwangju(남광주) Station with most visits per day, 2nd line to Chipyeongdong(치펑동)


NamGwangju(남광주) Station was most visited by users of the Gwangju Metro Line No.1.


As for the 2nd line undergoing construction currently, the 202 Station or Chipyeongdong(치평동) had the most visits.


This is according to the Gwangju Urban Railroad Station Influence Area (within 500m of radius) Statistical Analysis Report on Sept. 30th.


It showed that NamGwangju(남광주) Station was the most visited location each day by citizens as of 2020 with 124,300 visits during weekdays and 101,100 visits during weekends.


It was followed by SangMu(상무) Station with 114,300 and NongSeong(농성) Station with 89,800 visits.


As for the 2nd line, the 202 Station in the Chipyeongdong(치평동) area was visited the most with 171,700 visits per day during weekdays.


During the weekends, the 206 Station in GeumHo(금호) 1st Dong() had the most visits at 155,400.


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