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Gwangju Seogu(서구) District Office with 2 more infected employees, totaling 4 on the same floor

광주 서구청 직원 2명 추가 감염…같은 층에서 확진자 4(종합)

Gwangju Seogu(서구) District Office with 2 more infected employees, totaling 4 on the same floor


Gwangju’s Seogu(서구) District Office had 2 more public officers confirmed to be infected, raising concerns for cluster infection transmission.


According to Gwangju City and Seogu(서구) District today, there were a total of 4 public officers confirmed to be infected from yesterday until today.


This is as there were 2 public officers who tested positive for infection after showing suspect symptoms.


Therefore, further tests were conducted for the workers on the same floor and those who made contact with the previous patients, adding 2 more cases.


Their infection routes are still unclear; however, as they are all on the same floor, there are concerns for further cluster transmission.

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