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COVID19 medical waste increases, Gwangju Jeonnam incineration facilities saturated

코로나19 의료 폐기물↑…광주·전남 소각시설 포화상태

COVID19 medical waste increases, Gwangju Jeonnam incineration facilities saturated


With the COVID19 pandemic extended, medical wastes have spiked to saturate the medical waste incineration facilities within the Gwangju and Jeonnam regions.


Therefore, related countermeasures for incineration management facilities are necessary,


According to the reports submitted by the Ministry of Environment and others to the National Audit on the 14th, the Yeongsan(영산) River Watershed Environment Office's incineration facility had incinerated 126.08% of its waste capacity.



The COVID19 medical waste management permission capacity is 24% whereas the incineration amount is 30%.


Out of 13 COVID19 wastes incineration locations within the country, there are 3 facilities which exceeded 120% capacity, with Yeongsan(영산) River's facility being one of them.


The volume of medical waste has risen as well. The COVID19 medical waste produced in the country by Aug. this year was 2,928 tons, which was 9.8 times of that of last year's.

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