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Yoon SeokYeol(윤석열) "Cheon DooHwan did good in politics", PPP's sincerity for embracing Honam(호남) questioned

"전두환 정치 잘했다" 尹발언, 국힘 호남 끌어안기 진정성 '도마위'

Yoon SeokYeol(윤석열) "Cheon DooHwan did good in politics", PPP's sincerity for embracing Honam(호남) questioned


With the 20th Presidential Election approaching on Mar. 9th next year, the People Power Party was trying to embrace the Honam(호남) district and its votes. However, their sincerity is being questioned again.


This is as Yoon SeokYeol(윤석열), the party’s presidential candidate, made comments in favor of Cheon DooHwan(전두환).


Other candidates from the same party are criticizing Yoon for the comments he made; however, the rage of Honam(호남) is not quenched yet.


According to the National Assembly and the Gwangju region's political sources on the 20th, Yoon visited Busan(부산)’s Haewoondae(해운대) Gab() Party Members Council on the day before.


There Yoon said "Except for the military coup d'etat and May 18th, there are many who say (Cheon) did some good in politics. Even Honam(호남) people say as such."

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