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'With Corona preparation', Suncheon(순천) City forms Daily Recovery Promotion Team

'위드 코로나 준비'…순천시 일상회복추진단 구성

'With Corona preparation', Suncheon(순천) City forms Daily Recovery Promotion Team


Jeonnam’s Suncheon(순천) City revealed on the 25th that the prevention systems for COVID19 will be transformed to 'With Corona.' Therefore, a Daily Recovery Promotion Team has been formed.


Suncheon(순천) City Mayor Heo Seok(허석) made the 'With Corona' declaration for the first time across the country.


Therefore, centering with public officers, the Daily Recovery Team has been formed.


The team, with Mayor Heo as chairperson, has 5 fields and 27 divisions that will participate to prepare and promote daily recovery policies in steps.


These include a Comprehensive Support Field, a Daily Stability Field, and an Economic and Livelihood Field.

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