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Gwangju to open Older Generations Recruitment and Old Age Living Support Center

광주에 장년층 취업·노후 지원센터 문 열어

Gwangju to open Older Generations Recruitment and Old Age Living Support Center


Gwangju City opened the 'Bitgoeul(빛고을) 50+ Center' on the 26th.


This is supporting the recruitment and the old age livelihood of the older age groups between 45 and 64 years of age.


The Center is located in Gwangju’s Donggu(동구) Hakdong(학동) area where jobs, leisure, and education as well as other related supports are comprehensively provided.


Therefore, 1 basement floor and 3 ground floors will share a book-cafe, information center, education center, and club rooms.

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