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Gwangju to become 'National AI Innovative Base', main projects for each district to be integrated with AI

광주, '국가 AI 혁신거점된다…권역별 주력사업과 AI 융합

Gwangju to become 'National AI Innovative Base', main projects for each district to be integrated with AI


The government's strategy to expand the Artificial Intelligence or AI based innovative powers across the country is official.


To revitalize the regional economies, Gwangju will have the AI Concentrated Complex, currently under construction, upgraded to the 'National AI Innovative Base.'


Also, based on their characteristics and strengths, each district across the country will be combined with AI to have a complex mega-project along with the AI.


These strategies were revealed by the Ministry of Science and ICT on the 28th.


The 'AI Regional Expansion Promotion Direction' was decided on at the 25th 4th Industrial Revolution Committee meeting with the cooperation of 17 cities and provinces. 

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