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Gwangju Jeonnam 18 patients found, 5 related to alumni gathering

광주·전남 18명 확진…동창 모임 감염 5명으로 늘어

Gwangju Jeonnam 18 patients found, 5 related to alumni gathering


There were 5 new patients in Gwangju and 13 in the Jeonnam region yesterday.


According to the health authorities today, 2 of Gwangju's 2 cases are foreigners confirmed to be infected from diagnostic tests following the administrative order at job placement agencies.


Also, 2 out of the total 5 cases in Gwangju are overseas influx cases, and 1 is a chain transmission case related to a Seoul(서울) patient.


As for the Jeonnam region, there were 4 from Mokpo(목포), 2 each from Suncheon(순천) and YeongGwang(영광), and 1 each from Naju(나주), Gurye(구례), Gangjin(강진), Jindo(진도), and Hwasun(화순).


One of the Mokpo(목포) patients was confirmed to be infected after participating at an alumni gathering held in Boseong(보성) on the 23rd.

So far, 5 people related to the gathering were confirmed as infected.
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