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Gwangju with 'Daily Recovery in Steps', Elementary School and Nursing Hospital cases found

단계적 일상회복' 앞둔 광주, 초등·요양병원 확진

Gwangju with 'Daily Recovery in Steps', Elementary School and Nursing Hospital cases found


The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions had infection cases found among elementary school students and nursing hospital medical staff as of Oct. 29th.

This transmission is in the face of the Daily Recovery with COVID19 initiating from Nov. 1st, alarming the health authorities within the regions.

According to the health authorities on the 29th, there were 9 new patients found in Gwangju and 4 in the Jeonnam region. This is as of 2pm in the afternoon, with a total of 5,341 cases having accumulated in Gwangju and 3,505 in the Jeonnam region so far.


What's concerning is that Gwangju's cases include an elementary school student from the Bukgu(북구) district as well as a medical staff member from a nursing hospital.

Therefore, an enumeration test for all students and staff at the elementary school is planned with the establishment of a temporary screening clinic. As for the nursing hospital, there is an Emergency Risk Evaluation ongoing currently.

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