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CDHCH, "Halloween violations by foreigners will be solemnly punished"

중대본핼러윈 위반 외국인 엄정 조치

CDHCH, "Halloween violations by foreigners will be solemnly punished"


The Central Disaster Safety Countermeasures Headquarters warned of the possibility of patients increasing following Halloween on the 31st.


This is according to the 2nd Vice Director of the Headquarters Jeon HaeCheol(전해철) at the meeting held on the 31st.


There, Jeon said that "The government and municipalities are conducting 'Relevant institutions Joint Round Crackdown' at foreigners' clustered regions and multiple visited districts.


Also, special disinfection management countermeasures and cooperative campaigns are being operated currently as well."


The Round Crackdown period is until the 2nd of Nov. or tomorrow.


Furthermore, Jeon also stressed that "There will be serious actions taken against foreigners who violated preventative measures, according to the relevant laws."


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