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Foreign laborers entrance permitted from 16 countries

외국인 근로자 입국 16개국 허용
Foreign laborers entrance permitted from 16 countries

The Ministry of Employment and Labor will extend the entrance of foreign laborers in steps from the end of this month.

Minister Ahn GyeongDuk(안경덕) said on the 1st that "There will be alleviation of the foreign laborers' entrance restriction measures in steps."

Ahn furthered with "Therefore, the entrance of foreign laborers' from 16 countries will be made possible with onsite vaccination inoculation and PCR tests."

The number of foreign laborers entering Korea before the COVID19 pandemic was at 50,000 every year, which reduced dramatically to 6,000 to 7,000 per year afterward.

Therefore, small and medium businesses and agricultural and fishery towns have had severe labor shortages.
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