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160,000 Multicultural Students, Schools still with 'communication difficulties'

다문화학생 16만명…학교는 여전히 '소통 고민'

160,000 Multicultural Students, Schools still with 'communication difficulties'


The number of students with migrant backgrounds including international marriages and immigrated families is continually increasing, but voices are raised regarding insufficient conditions at educational sites.


According to the National Education Statistics Center reports on the 9th, this year's multicultural children totaled 160,056, which is 3% of the total number of students.


Among them, elementary school students totaled 70% or 111,371 and middle school and high schools students totaled 33,950 and 14,307 respectively.


However, there were complaints filed from education sites that systematic support is lacking despite multiculturalism being normalized in many elementary schools.


According to the 'Multicultural Education Related Issues and Policies Report' released by the Korea Education Development Center on the 4th, most of the teachers designated for multicultural education at 'clustered schools' where more than 10% of migrant background students attend are not aware of such a fact or were given primary information.

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