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Govt., began special distribution of 1,810t of Urea Fertilizer to Jeonnam(전남), GyeongNam(경남) and Jeuju(제주)

정부전남·경남·제주에 요소비료 1810t 특별공급 시작

Govt., began special distribution of 1,810t of Urea Fertilizer to Jeonnam(전남), GyeongNam(경남) and Jeuju(제주)



The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs revealed that a special distribution of urea fertilizer began on the 15th to the southern district.


The Ministry previously decided to distribute a total of 1,810 tons of the urea fertilizer to Jeonnam(전남), GyeongNam(경남), and Jeju(제주) back on the 12th.


Therefore, starting on the 15th there were 959 tons sent to Jeonnam(전남), 172 tons to GyeongNam(경남), and 679 tons to Jeju(제주) distributed in steps through local NongHyeop(농협) agricultural suppliers.


Also, there will be some 370 tons of remaining urea fertilizer supplied to regions other than the southern district until next month as well.

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