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Gwangju found 6 'AI Technology Ideas' to lead 11 Strategic Industries

광주 11대 전략산업 이끌 'AI기술 아이디어' 6건 발굴

Gwangju found 6 'AI Technology Ideas' to lead 11 Strategic Industries 


Gwangju City found Artificial Intelligence Technology Ideas to lead the 11 strategic industries into local future industries.


The Gwangju Chamber of Commerce and Industry held the '2021 AI Test-Bed Korea Contest' recently, and 6 teams were finalized as the awardees.


The contest was promoted as a project of 'Potential Corporation Future Core Technologies Complex Package Support' for the 2021 Gwangju Jobs Creation Innovative Project by the Gwangju Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


Therefore, some 30 teams submitted ideas with a total of 6 teams being finalized in the areas of Environment, Social and Governance as well as receiving awards for excellence.

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