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Gwangju, Jeonnam discuss 40 cases of Win-Win Tasks including 7 new ones

광주시·전남도 상생과제 신규 7건 등 40건 논의


Gwangju, Jeonnam discuss 40 cases of Win-Win Tasks including 7 new ones


Gwangju City and Jeonnam Province held a working-level discussion for 40 Joint Cooperative Tasks on the 16th.


This is ahead of the Gwangju Jeonnam Win-Win Development Committee to be held on the 3rd next month that both regions' heads of the Planning and Coordination Offices met for the working-level discussion.


Therefore, common goals such as the Dalbit(달빛) Express Railroad and the Jeolla(전라) Line Early Construction as well as others were discussed.


There were some 20 participants at the meeting where 33 continued tasks and 7 new tasks were brought to the table for promotion.

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