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Gwangju City and local universities try to attract foreign international students

 광주시, 지역대학 외국인 유학생 유치 노력

Gwangju City and local universities try to attract foreign international students


Gwangju City will be participating in the '2021 Study with Korean Education Fair with Local Governments' between the 22nd of Nov. and Dec. 5th.


The Fair is hosted by the Ministry of Education's International Education Center with local universities joining as well.

Korean universities' admission information as well as local information will be shared online for overseas Korean residents as well as foreigners abroad to help understand Korean education better.


Gwangju City will establish Gwangju City Hall online at the 'Non-contact Online Platform for the Korean Education Comprehensive System'.


There will be various information such as Gwangju's culture and tourism as well as promotion of the city's international studies facilities such as the dormitories, its transportation and safety, and its support policies.


Also, local universities joining will operate online booths for each school to offer university information as well as offering online chat messengers to have customized counseling.

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