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Gwangju with 25, Jeonnam with 14 patients as sporadic transmission continues

산발 감염 지속광주 25·전남 14명 확진

Gwangju with 25, Jeonnam with 14 patients as sporadic transmission continues


The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions are continuing with sporadic transmission from cluster infection cases and contact with previous patients.


According to Gwangju City and Jeonnam Province on the 25th, there were 25 new patients added in Gwangju and 14 in the Jeonnam region as of 2pm in the afternoon.


Gwangju's cases included 2 additional patients from the bathhouse located in the Bukgu(북구) district as well as 3 more cases related to the religious facility in Gwangsangu(광산구) district.


Also, in the Jeonnam region, there were 9 cities and counties where patients appeared including 4 in Hwasun(화순).

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