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Gwangju to Operate Expanded Intra-city Buses for the New Semester

광주시, 개학 맞아 시내버스 증차 운행한다

Gwangju to Operate Expanded Intra-city Buses for the New Semester


From the new academic semester starting today, the city of Gwangju will expand the operation of intra-city buses that were previously reduced due to the winter vacation season.

To effectively manage costs, the city previously reduced the number of buses by 70 buses on 41 routes on weekdays due to reduced demand for buses during the vacation season.

Various timetables for the extended operation of intra-city buses in Gwangju can be found on

With the extension, 95 intra-city bus routes and 930 buses will run some 9,500 times a day across the city of Gwangju.

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