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Jeollanamdo’s Largest Foreign Population Lives in Yeongam and Yeosu

전남 외국인 최다 시군, 영암 여수

Jeollanamdo’s Largest Foreign Population Lives in Yeongam and Yeosu


The largest number of foreign residents in Jeollanamdo reportedly lives in the Yeongam-gun district of the city of Yeosu with Mokpo and Suncheon following next.

The total number of foreigners with addresses in Jeollanamdo in Yeongam was tallied at 5,200 with Yeosu having 4,900 and 3,900 in Suncheon.

The large number of foreign residents in Yeongam and Yeosu is reportedly due to the major industrial complexes located in the respective areas.

Amongst the entire foreign residents living in the province, residents from Vietnam took up the largest percentage at 28 percent with 12,000 residents while those from China marked the second largest figures at 7,100 or 16 percent.

Foreign laborers accounted for the largest percentage of the entire international residents in the province, followed by children of multicultural households and marriage migrants from overseas countries.

The total number of foreign residents in Jeollanamdo grew from 2012’s 39,000 to last year’s 43,000.

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