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U-square Culture Center to Host Art Market Next Saturday

유스퀘어 문화관, 28일 아름다운 예술시장 개최

U-square Culture Center to Host Art Market Next Saturday


Organized and hosted by the U-square Culture Center, an annual art market will be hosted at the U-square outdoor square on the second floor on Saturday, March 28th.

In the form of flea market, the upcoming art market features various artistic goods designed and created by local artists in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo.

No participation fees are set for the art market but U-square Culture Center will require participating artists to return a portion of the revenue earned from the market to the Gwangju Culture Foundation as part of efforts to contribute in local art industry.

Citizens can also experience metal and ceramic craft art as well as making bracelets and enjoying street performances by local musicians.

More detailed information can be found on the webpage of U-square Culture Center at




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