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Gwangju Cultural Foundation Thursday Concert Program features ‘Memory Road’

광주문화재단 목요상설무대기억의 길올린다

Gwangju Cultural Foundation Thursday Concert Program features ‘Memory Road’


Gwangju Cultural Foundation will showcase a ‘Memory Road’ that honors and commemorates the victims of the April 16th Sewol Ferry tragedy and the May 18th Democratization Movement this Thursday from 7:30 p.m.

Taking place in the cultural foundation’s Thursday concert program, the upcoming concert carries symbolic messages for the victims of the April 16th Ferry Disaster, especially those who are still missing, and the bereaved families of May 18th Democratic Uprising in Gwangju.

Created and produced by a Korean traditional theatre Madaengeuk actor, Kim Ho-jun, the ‘Memory Road’ will showcase a series of Korean traditional music performances for Pansori, Pungmul and Talchum.






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