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[1st Anniversary of Sewol Tragedy] Volunteers to Carry Out Activities for Commemorative Events

세월호 자원봉사자들의 팽목항 방문해 추모행사 자원봉사

[1st Anniversary of Sewol Tragedy] Volunteers to Carry Out Activities for Commemorative Events


Volunteers from Jeollanamdo Provincial Volunteering Center are visiting Paengmok harbor to aid families of the victims and visitors stopping by the port to commemorate the 1st anniversary of the April 16th Sewol Ferry Tragedy.

Volunteers will engage in activities such as providing visitors and families of the victims with hot tea, blankets and meals until tomorrow when the official memorial period for the Sewol tragedy ends.

Since the ferry sank last year, more than 50,000 volunteers from across the nation have engaged in volunteer activities for the hundreds of families of the victims who waited inside the Jindo General Gymnasium, desperately waiting news of their loved ones. 

Relief materials and aid flooded into Paengmok Harbor for families and visitors to the memorial altar last year. Volunteering activities will continue through tomorrow.

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