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Folk Paintings Produced by Unknown Artists in Joseon Dynasty to be Showcased in Gangjin Korean Folk Painting Museum

조선시대 무명화가 민화 작품, 강진 한국 민화박물관에서

Folk Paintings Produced by Unknown Artists in Joseon Dynasty to be Showcased in Gangjin Korean Folk Painting Museum


Gangjin Korean Folk Painting Museum will host an exhibition featuring mainly thousands of folk paintings drawn by unknown painters in the Joseon Dynasty.

The Korea Folk Painting Museum will be opened to the public on May 2nd in Gwangjin and the two-story museum will feature permanent exhibition halls and experience centers.

Folk paintings featuring tigers, flowers, scholars, folk tales, landscapes and fish, which were popular motifs used in Korean traditional folk paintings, will be showcased at the exhibition.

One of the most representative portraits of the King, ‘Samgukji Eunuido(삼국지 연의도)’ that depicts King Gojong in late Joseon by master Seokji Chae Yong-shin will also be displayed at the exhibition.



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