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Local Dental Businesses Gain Momentum for Export to Chinese Dental Market

광주 지역기업, 중국 치과시장 수출 기반 마련

Local Dental Businesses Gain Momentum for Export to Chinese Dental Market


One of the core projects carried out by the city of Gwangju, the 'Dental Part Industry' and its related businesses in Gwangju have earned export certification for the Chinese Market.

According to the city of Gwangju, a total of three local dental parts businesses gained China Food and Drug Administration certificates and it is predicted that the export growth among the three businesses will mark 6 million dollars this year.

In Gwangju, more than 170 medical materials and dental parts businesses are located in the Cheomdan complex and are considered one of the most potential business industries in the city.

The city is currently preparing construction of technological support centers for the dental and medical parts industry.

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