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Pungam Reservoir to be Transformed into an Ecological Rest Area

광주 풍암제 주변, 생태휴식공간으로 조성된다

Pungam Reservoir to be Transformed into an Ecological Rest Area


A vacant lot near Pungam Reservoir will be transformed into an ecological experience and rest area for the citizens and an inhabitant space for endangered species.


The city of Gwangju plans on restoring the ecological zone near the Pungam Reservoir to provide a habitat for amphibians as a means to  diversify ecological life while transforming the area into a leisure space.


The upcoming project will be aided by national expenditure from the Environment Ministry with a total investment of 400 million won.


The construction of the amphibian habitat zone, a wild flower bed, an ecological experience space and a wetland will be completed by  December of this year.










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