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64 percent of Jeollanamdo Residents are Satisfied with their Life in Jeollanamdo

전남도민 64%, 주민 생활에 만족한다

64 percent of Jeollanamdo Residents are Satisfied with their Life in Jeollanamdo


The overall satisfaction of Jeollanamdo residents with their life in the province recorded relatively high figures as some 64 percent said they were happy with their life in Jeollanamdo.


A Real Meter Survey was carried amongst some 17,000 citizens, targeting 1,000 residents from each of the 17 metropolitan city and provincial regions in Korea.


Some 64.7 percent of the respondents in Jeollanamdo said that they were satisfied with their life, behind Ulsan’s 71 percent and South Chungcheong province’s 65 percent.


The confidence level of the recent survey is 95 percent with a margin of error of plus/minus 3.1 percent.

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