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Jeollanamdo to Expand ‘Family Friendly’ Recognition System

전남도, 가족친화인증제 확대한다

Jeollanamdo to Expand ‘Family Friendly’ Recognition System


Jeollanamdo will expand the ‘Family Friendly’ Program amongst public and private organizations in the province to provide workers with greater opportunities for spending more time with their families.


The Family Friendly Recognition Program was firstly introduced and adopted in 2008 and since then some 956 business corporations and public organizations have been certified by the Ministry of Gender Equality.


In Jeollanamdo, some 29 private and public organizations, including Jeollanamdo provincial hall, have been certified for operation of the program to regulate work hours and to develop group policies customized to provide employees with leisure time.


Certified corporations benefit from lower interest rates and additional points when applying for state-run projects.


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