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Ceremonial Activities to be Carried out on SNS

518 민주화운동, SNS에서 추모한다

Ceremonial Activities to be Carried out on SNS


Online ceremonial activities are spreading on various social networking sites such as facebook and twitter as citizens from Gwangju as well as France and New Zealand post ceremonial messages written ‘Remember May 18th’.

More than 7,000 SNS users took a picture of themselves holding ‘Remember May 18th’ signs and posted them on sns sites and continue to engage in promotional activities for the May 18th Democratization Movement.

Amongst the renowned figures that took part in the event were Seoul National University professor Jo Guk and photographer, Roh Sun-taek.

Meanwhile, online supporters for the May 18th Democratization Movement and its commemorative event will produce May 18th related contents on line and report on defamation cases of the May 18th Movement that have been spreading fast on conservative websites.

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