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China’s Consulate General in Gwangju to be Newly Built in Buk-gu

중국총영사관 광주 북구에 대규모 신축

China’s Consulate General in Gwangju to be Newly Built in Buk-gu


Currently located in the Wolsan-dong area of Nam-gu district, the Chinese Consulate General in Gwangju will be relocated to a new building for the consulate in the Buk-gu district.

Following the summit meeting between President Park Geun-hye and Chinese President Xi Jin-ping, demands and expectations over Korea – China exchanges in various sectors, including culture and trade as well as tourism have been growing.

According to the city of Gwangju, the Consulate General Office in Gwangju will be relocated to a new building with a headquarters office, a parking lot, a rest area, a conference hall, and sports facilities for the officials.

The Consulate office of China in Gwangju is in charge of diplomatic matters involving Gwangju and South and North Jeolla Province and will reportedly put stronger emphasis on exchanges between Gwangju and the Jeolla region and China.

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