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George Katsiaficas to Become an Honorary Citizen of Gwangju

조지 카치아피카스, 광주 명예시민 된다

George Katsiaficas to Become an Honorary Citizen of Gwangju


American political and social affairs scholar, George Katsiaficas, who has been studying democratic movements with a focus on the 1980 May 18th Democratization Movement in Gwangju, will become an honorary citizen of Gwangju.

According to the city of Gwangju, professor Katsiaficas will be granted an honorary citizenship of Gwangju on May 21st at the ‘Gwangju Citizens’ Day’ event.

Having worked as a visiting professor at Jeonam National University, George Katsiaficas was given the ‘May Mothers’ Award’ for his contribution to the globalization of the May 18th Movement in 2010.

Professor Katsiaficas will publish a book that sheds light on the democratic uprisings and movements that occurred in Korea and in neighboring Asian countries.

A book signing event is scheduled to be held on May 14th from 4 p.m. at the Gwangju International Center.


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