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3,000 Citizens Attend ‘Citizens’ Day’ Event at the Old Jeollanamdo Provincial Hall

광주시민 3,000여명, ‘시민의 날행사 참여

3,000 Citizens Attend ‘Citizens’ Day’ Event at the Old Jeollanamdo Provincial Hall


Some 3,000 citizens attended the citizens’ day event held at the old Jeollanamdo provincial hall yesterday, singing the symbolic song, ‘March for the Beloved’ on May 21st from 5:18 p.m.


May 21st is the date of the day when the citizens’ troops marched into the old Jeollanamdo provincial hall to resist against the military special force dispatched by the national government in 1980.


The city of Gwangju designated the day as ‘Citizens’ Day in 2010 and celebrates it to honor the citizens’ struggle for democracy.


Yesterday, two Americans, George Katsiaficas and Tim Shorrock, who have been promoting the May 18th Democratization Movement and seeking both domestically and internationally to learn the truth behind the large massacre, received honorary citizenship of Gwangju.


In his acceptance speech, professor Katsiaficas said that to be a citizen of Gwangju means to be a citizen of world and expressed his gratitude to the city and its citizens for the citizenship he was given.


Tim Shorrock added that he feels proud and honored to be an honorary citizen of Gwangju, which was at the forefront of Korean democracy.



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