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Chosun University to Hold ‘Reserved Seat of Culture’

조선대, '문화초대석' 개최한다

Chosun University to Hold ‘Reserved Seat of Culture’


The movie director, Min Yong Geun, well known for the film ‘Re-encounter (혜화, )’, will deliver a ‘Reserved Seat of Culture’ session held by the Basic Education College of Chosun University to train creative cultural leaders.

Director Min, who will give the special lecture at Seosuk Hall at 4pm tomorrow, was born in Seoul and started his career as a movie producer when he was making broadcasting documentaries after majoring in drama and cinema at Hanyang University. He started his career making short films such as ‘The Little Thief’, ‘The Bicycle Thief’ and the omnibus ‘One Night Stand’.

The ‘Reserved Seat of Culture’ is a new type of professional education of culture, which invites well-known scholars, artists, critics, and activists from the world of culture and art to give special lectures to people and communicate with them.


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