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Wando to Host ‘Fishing in Ocean’ Experience

완도군 고기잡이 바다체험행사 열어

Wando to Host ‘Fishing in Ocean’ Experience


Wando-gun district will host a fishing with bare hands in the ocean event on July 27th and August 10th near the Bukgori (북고리) Beach.

With the slogan, ‘Exciting Ocean Fishing Experience on the Health Island, Wando’, the upcoming fishing event will allow visitors to experience ocean fishing first hand and purchase regional specialty fisheries items on-site.

Previously designated as one of the ‘Top 30 Korea’s Best Family Travel Sites’, Wando-gun will also provide a free tour experience to Bogildo Island, located at the Heritage Site of the poet Yoon Seon-do.

Participants for the fishing experience program will take part in fishing with bare hands through Korea’s traditional fishing method using tidal movements, nets, and bamboo-made baskets.

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